Mick Denness (Owner)

Mick has been a dog owner all of his life. He worked for a national environmental charity for 25 years before being made redundant. This provided him with the opportunity to turn his passion for dogs into a new career in 2013. Mick was previously a qualified dog handler for Search Dogs Sussex a charity who assists Sussex Police in finding missing and vulnerable people. Mick is the owner of Otto the cocker spaniel (the real boss of the business).

Since establishing this centre we have hosted over 50,000 dog day care visits. Mick prides himself in having recruiting a dedicated team of staff and volunteers who all share his passion for dogs. Mick says “the best thing about the job is meeting such a wide variety of dogs and getting to know their friendly owners”

Here at Daily Dog Digs all of our staff are carefully selected and have experience of owning or working with a range of dogs. In particular they have a strong love of dogs and a desire to help your dog get the most out of its visit. They are always happy to tell you about the highlights of your special friends visit when you come to collect them.

Here are Mick’s Team

Caroline Woodward (Day Care Assistant)

Caroline is our longest serving member of staff and started with us as a volunteer soon after we opened. Caroline also volunteers for the Cinnamon Trust a national charity which provides a dog walking service for old and infirm people who can no longer walk them themselves. She was our first member of staff and simply loves dogs, her last dog was Sheba who she rehomed after her owner passed away.

Tracey Baker (Day Care Assistant)

Tracey got to know Daily Dog Digs through bringing her cockerpoo Bo to us as a day care customer. It was through persistently asking for a job every time that she picked Bo up that led to her getting the chance to work at daily Dog Digs. Tracey is dog lover and is dedicated to ensuring that all dogs get the most out of their visit.

Megan Fitzgerald (Groomer)

Megan was a Day Care Assistant prior to fully qualifying as a dog groomer and setting up her own enterprise. She is an extremely talented groomer and produces wonderful results. Megan has single handed built up an excellent client base. Unlike the rest of the team Megan is not currently a dog owner. However she loves discussing the merits of different breeds ready for the time when her personal circumstances change and she takes her first step into dog ownership.

Jo Loft (Trainer / Behaviourist)

Jo has been associated with our centre from the first day that we opened. Jo’s life revolves around her love of dogs; she currently has five of her own. Nothing gives Jo more pleasure than helping owners to have happy, content and well trained four legged friends. Over the years she has built up her knowledge skills and qualifications to be one of the best trainers/behaviourists in the area.
(See our training to find out more)

Emily Adams (Day Care Assistant)

Emily is our newest and youngest member of the team. As well as having Arlo the beautiful cocker spaniel she is a keen horsewoman and owns William a 12 year old Cob. Emily has slotted into the team so well and her friendly and outgoing personality has made her a real hit with colleagues and customers alike. The team is also assisted by a number of casual staff and volunteers.